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Tonight was a great night and I so appreciate you leading us! Our total class lost 187 pounds throughout this time! Most of all, I have grown so much through this! I know God put this passion in me and I want to serve Him. It hasn’t been easy all of the time but with you guys encouraging me, it has been worth it all in so many ways!
Uploaded image Stephanie H.
Weatherford, OK
Looking for a way to reach out into your community then look no further. Fit to Serve gives you all the tools to help connect with others in your community that are looking to get on track with a healthy lifestyle. Connecting Body Fit, Food Fit and Soul Fit participants are able to get great resources to begin and sustain their journey!
Uploaded image Scott T.
Findlay, OH

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Owner & Co-Founder

Former contestant on The Biggest Loser, Mark now travels and encourages groups all over the United States. His book UNDRESSED was published in 2014 and has helped many find purpose in life and discover who they were created to be.

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Owner & Co-Founder

Cathy is a certified Nutrition and Wellness consultant and works with groups and individuals across the country. She loves helping others develop a plan to reach their health goals. She is the author of the SweatCor Nutritional Guide which has helped many people start their health journey in the right way.

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Buddy was a fellow contestant on The Biggest Loser and now continues to speak into the lives of others through his wildly successful Buddy Up program. Buddy is a regular contributor to the SweatCor blog and is also the author of The Story of Bella, detailing how he dealt with the loss of his daughter.

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Guest Writers

Inspirational Story Writer

Do YOU have an inspirational story of your health journey which you believe others should hear? SweatCor is always open to other stories to challenge and encourage our readers!

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Fit to Serve is our 8 Week kickstart to your new healthy life. We focus on all around fitness including being physically, nutritionally, and spiritually well. Join with a group or do it on your own. Click to learn more!


Do you need to recharge your motivation for the health journey ahead? Then we can help. If you are looking for a personalized plan to help you get on track with your health, then SweatCor is here for you!


Take SweatCor with you wherever you go! We have Books, T-Shirts, and more which are available to everyone through our great SweatCor shop!


Looking for a good physical challenge that connects you with others all across the country? Check out our SweatCor Challenge on Facebook and take part in being motivated as well as being a motivator!


We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more! We use all of these ways to connect and encourage you as you continue becoming who you were meant to be. Find and follow SweatCor today!


As you move forward in your health journey, there are just days that are tough. We want you to know that SweatCor is here to help. We always encourage anyone to reach out and share struggles and victories along the way. Remember we are in this together!

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