Fueling Your Body!

So many people skip breakfast and don’t realize what this is doing to their body. Breakfast broken down is “break” the “fast”. We have been sleeping six to eight hours and our bodies are at a rest state. When we get up in the morning, our bodies need fuel to get going. If you don’t give it fuel, our bodies will stay at a resting state which means it will slow down our metabolism so it will not use as much energy. For those of us who wait until lunch to eat, your metabolism is going slow all morning. This will cause your body not to burn energy and it will store any energy it has into the fat cells. See your body thinks you might starve it again so it is saving up the energy for later.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day! It gives your body what it needs to get your metabolism going so you can burn energy and fat. Eating a healthy breakfast can give it the nutrients it is craving to keep you fuller longer. Eating a donut or cinnamon roll has no nutritional value. This is “energy dense” foods which turns to glucose and used quickly as energy causing us to crave food because our body is not getting what it needs. But if you eat an egg, whole wheat toast with avocado, and an apple. You are giving your body protein, good fat, complex carbs, and fiber. You will feel fuller longer and your body will get the fuel it needs to start your metabolism!

Drinking water first thing when you wake up in the morning is essential for your body! Your body is dehydrated and it needs water to get it going. Dehydration causes our bodies to not function properly. Most of us start the day with a cup of coffee or two before we even have any water. Coffee is a diuretic and flushes water out of our bodies which will cause us to be more dehydrated. It might be hard at first to get that glass of water down but you will be surprised at how awake it makes you feel. You will noticed a difference the first day. And after a while, you will notice you are thirsty when you wake up in the morning.  

If you are reading this and thinking “I am not hungry in the morning”. It might be that you are eating too late at night or having a huge, heavy dinner. Our bodies like to go to bed light and wake up light. If we give it too much food in the evening, we are not able to digest it before bed. Our digestive system slows down and when we wake up we don’t feel hungry. In America, we eat the  “western diet” and it is backwards. We eat little breakfast, big lunch and a huge dinner. Just look at the “dinner portions” at restaurants. Changing the way we eat will help us feel hungry in the mornings. If you eat a healthy breakfast, a big lunch and a small dinner, you will notice a difference when you wake in the morning. Sometimes at night, I go to bed feeling a little hungry but I know in the morning I will wake up ready for a good, healthy breakfast!

Start today eating breakfast every morning and drink a big glass of water before you drink your first cup of coffee or tea. You will see a huge difference in your weight just by doing these few simple habits each day!

On this journey together!

-Cathy Cornelison



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