Fire Alarms

51153682831113This may be a problem…a while back, we had the opportunity to work with some great people in northern Pennsylvania as they desired to live a healthier life (that’s not the problem…) One morning while we were there, I was sitting in one of the rooms working on my computer when the fire alarm went off in the building. I heard it, looked up, then went back to working on my computer. The alarm turned off for a minute or two but then started back up again. Once more I heard it, looked up, then again started working on my computer even while this incredibly loud siren was going off around me.

Then something changed…I smelled smoke. This caused me to wonder if there was more to the situation but seeing as I didn’t notice anyone running around I once again ignored the signs and started working again…that is until I saw smoke. Then I realized people were scrambling around a little, not in panic but simply to figure out what was going on. Sure enough the flue was closed in one of the fireplaces and the smoke had completely engulfed the lobby causing the alarm to go off. Thankfully, it was a simple fix and there really was nothing to worry about.

However, I realized something…the alarms did not serve any purpose for me. As we learn in grade school, when an alarm goes off, it is supposed to be an indicator that something is happening which deserves attention. I have become desensitized to the noises and therefore I simply ignored the alarms. This is not a good thing. The issue is that I hear fire drills, car alarms, sirens, and even alarm clocks all the time and so I’ve learned to tone them out. But this becomes a problem when the alarm is something I need to give my attention to when it may effect my own well-being.

How often do you do this as well? How often do you do this with your health? The signs are there, the alarms are going off but you ignore them. Maybe it’s a doctor’s report, or you notice that you struggle physically more than you used to, or even just that clothes aren’t quite fitting the same; but you chalk it up to age or our environment or current stress level. These alarms matter and it’s time for you to stop ignoring them.

I know that sometimes I don’t acknowledge the alarms because I really don’t want to acknowledge that I have a problem. Well, that time has passed. My life (and yours) is too important to ignore the alarms any longer. These alarms are alerting you to the fact that something is going on that is potentially keeping you from living life to the fullest.

What alarms have you ignored? What will you do about them this week?

Don’t miss the life you have in front of you. Listen to the alarms and deal with the issues today. There is an alarm free life waiting for you!

-Mark Cornelison