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SweatCor’s Fit to Serve program has now been done in churches and by individuals across the country. Fit to Serve is NOT a diet or “lose weight fast” program. It is an 8 week kickstart to long-term health.

One huge benefit of getting healthy is not just how you feel physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Our plan focuses on three things: a physical part, a nutritional part, and a mental part. All three are vital to long-term success in being healthy and fit. 

Ultimately it’s about this, Are you able to say “yes” to God in whatever He calls you to do?” or “Are you daily becoming the you that He created you to be?” Join our team and begin that journey today.

ftsHere is what you get:

1.  Videos via email
2. Worksheets
3. Our Nutritional Guide
4. Personal feedback and communication
5. The SweatCor 30 Day Motivator 

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We have seen success with churches, schools, and businesses.
All are happy to give testimonials to what this has and is doing for them; like the ones below:

Fit to Serve Bootcamp:
“Pastors are very busy people caring for others & often neglect their own health. Often they feel that caring for their souls is most important – I mean we get a new body in heaven anyway, right?

My passion has always been to help people see the importance of caring for their bodies as good stewards of the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are called to love the Lord with body, soul, and mind, all of equal importance. So when I felt led to plan a ‘boot camp’ where pastors could come for a few days of physical training & experience healthy food, I prayed that God would lead me to the right guests. I truly believe that Mark & Cathy Cornelison and Buddy Shuh are a gift from God. Their personal stories of challenges they’ve experienced in trying to be healthy are enhanced by their easy-going style and deep conviction that their message is life-saving- literally. They bring humor, a sense of like-mindedness, and spiritual depth that comes from being tried by fire. It’s easy to see that they love people and love the Lord.
The retreat time together is a short 3 1/2 days that is jam-packed with interactive nutrition teaching, physical fitness and spiritual insights. Many of the attendees have never experienced anything like this. They may have had years of unhealthy dieting. This provides an opportunity for them to realize that there are others who share their struggle but want to change. They learn how to make good choices about healthy eating that are relevant to their own lives, as well as have the opportunity to receive one-on-one nutrition counseling. Many people are intimidated by the thought of going to a gym, but the opportunity to try a variety of exercises helps alleviate that anxiety, as everyone participates in all forms of exercise, including water aerobics. Each day a relaxing and much-needed massage is offered, also something that many pastors would consider an indulgence. Participants also have time to relax, take a nap, or forge accountability partners, as Sabbath rest is emphasized.”
Renee Lance, Territorial Officer Health and Wellness Director, Salvation Army

Fit to Serve @ Home:
“I weighed 180.8 on the scales entering the program. Result?  In 8 weeks, I have lost 19.6 pounds (I ain’t stopping there) and I am now 161.2!  I am going to my doctor this week and boy, is he going to be surprised! Hopefully, we can start addressing…my blood pressure medicine so I can start reducing its side effects on me!”

M.C., Decatur, Texas

Fit to Serve 8-Week Organizational Program:
“Fit to Serve is amazing! Our group started in October and there’s no sign of us stopping any time soon! Each week, we have about 12-18 people who gather for scripture, prayer and a full body work out! It has been a great opportunity to meet new people and grow stronger both physically and spiritually! My husband and I both attend and have turned Fit to Serve into our date night! Can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night!”

S.M. Wayne, Michigan

“Looking for a way to reach out into your community then look no further. Fit to Serve gives you all the tools to help connect with others in your community that are looking to get on track with a healthy lifestyle. Connecting Body Fit, Food Fit and Soul Fit participants are able to get great resources to begin and sustain their journey!”
S.T. Findlay, Ohio