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SweatCor’s Fit to Serve program has now been done in churches and by individuals across the country. Fit to Serve is NOT a diet or “lose weight fast” program. It is an 8 week kickstart to long-term health.

One huge benefit of getting healthy is not just how you feel physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Our plan focuses on three things: a physical part, a nutritional part, and a mental part. All three are vital to long-term success in being healthy and fit. It works like this:
– Weigh in weekly.
– Begin with instructions on basic exercises.
– Learn nutrition and get control of your food.
– All of this wraps up with our mental component which is based on identity.

Ultimately it’s about this, Are you able to say “yes” to God in whatever He calls you to do?” or “Are you daily becoming the you that He created you to be?” Join our team and begin that journey today.

Here is what you get:

1.  Videos provided weekly via email links
2. Weekly worksheets of notes and exercise suggestions
3. Our SweatCor Nutritional Guide
4. Personal feedback and communication from Mark and Cathy as needed
5. The SweatCor 30 Day Motivator to help you keep at it even when the program ends!

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We have seen success with churches, schools, and businesses.
All are happy to give testimonials to what this has and is doing for them; like the ones below:

“I weighed 180.8 on the scales entering the program. Result?  In 8 weeks, I have lost 19.6 pounds (I ain’t stopping there) and I am now 161.2!  I am going to my doctor this week and boy, is he going to be surprised! Hopefully, we can start addressing…my blood pressure medicine so I can start reducing its side effects on me!” – M.C., Decatur, Texas

“Fit to Serve is amazing! Our group started in October 2013 and there’s no sign of us stopping any time soon! Each week, we have about 12-18 people who gather for scripture, prayer and a full body work out! It has been a great opportunity to meet new people and grow stronger both physically and spiritually! My husband and I both attend and have turned Fit to Serve into our date night! Can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night!” – S.M. Wayne, Michigan

“Looking for a way to reach out into your community then look no further. Fit to Serve gives you all the tools to help connect with others in your community that are looking to get on track with a healthy lifestyle. Connecting Body Fit, Food Fit and Soul Fit participants are able to get great resources to begin and sustain their journey!” – S.T. Findlay, Ohio