Just Get Back Up…

After traveling the country for the past few years and meeting so many amazing people, I have seen an underlying common thread – everyone wants to start again, everyone wants another chance. This is true of far more than just people on a health journey; it pours into every facet of life. Some of the situations I’ve visited with people about are:

– a parent who just wishes they could go back and do something (or lots of things) differently with their child

– an adult who would love to start over in their career and do something they actually want to do

– a son who would give anything to go be reconciled with his parents

– a teenager who wants another chance to be herself rather than giving in to what everyone else expects 

Over and over I’ve had these conversations and over and over I say the same thing; it’s never too late. Your second chance (or third or fourth) is always just a decision away. This isn’t just an inspirational statement, it’s truth. Look at this:

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” 
Proverbs 24:16

Now before I get hammered on this, let’s make sure we understand “godly” versus “wicked”. Godly means those who recognize that the only source of second chances is God, the wicked do not. The wicked refers to those who believe they can do it on their own with enough willpower.

If you think it’s all on you to try again then when you fall, you will always feel you have failed yourself. I’ve seen so many people, including myself, reach this point where they say, “Why try again? Why even bother when I know I’m going to fail.” This kind of statement comes from those who think it’s all up to them.

But when you grab the idea that God is the giver of second chances (and third, and fourth…) then you try again because you are not alone and it’s not all on you. Your second chance is waiting. Though you may have tripped and fallen in the past, it’s time to get up again.

Are you brave enough to get up? What will you do differently with a second chance?

– Mark Cornelison



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