Not For Television…


In case you haven’t heard…ANOTHER weight loss show on it’s way:

Now, before I get started, let me say I care about these guys. The weight loss struggle is real and it’s much worse when you have millions of viewers judging you during and after the show. But let me say this, the solution is not going to be found in ANOTHER SHOW!

The show’s creator has developed a new program, supposedly, designed to really help people get healthy…no really this time…not like last time. Basically, it’s message is this:

“Hey, you know the show that was created to help people, well it didn’t really do that. So the answer is to make a new show that really will help. In fact, we can highlight people who we didn’t help the first time and for real help them this time.”

Sounds legit…

Actually, no it’s not. In fact, the real message is this:

“Obesity is a real problem in this country with lots of people who believe there is no hope. So, let’s play on that lack of hope for the sake of sponsors, ratings, and money to keep them thinking a TV show really is their answer.”

Now that’s actually legit.

First and foremost, this is TV. It is not a humanitarian organization desiring to help people. It’s about making money. That being said, here are a few thoughts on why this new show ultimately won’t be any different than any of the rest of them…

-Your health journey is personal and should not be for the critical eyes of reality tv viewers. Let’s just be real, this should not even be a discussion. Your health battle should never be for the ratings of a network or for the enjoyment of others.

-If you don’t address the real problem(s) behind the weight gain then you’ll never help anyone. Making the outside “look” good is not that difficult, but that’s not the ultimate issue. TV will never take the time to dive in and try to work on what is really wrong, therefore the problem will still be there. It may lay dormant for a while, but it will return. 

-Without follow up, support, and after care success is unlikely. I’ve said it many times, the biggest problem with The Biggest Loser was the fact that when you come home you feel alone. When the season was done the show was done with us. Everyone needs support in this struggle, especially those who have bared it all on TV.

-There is NO quick fix. Word is that two sponsors (who will remain nameless, sort of) who care about getting your Body Beach ready and another who focuses on the the science of drinking Shakes are heavily involved in the new show… Why? Because everyone wants the problem to be solved fast. However, that just won’t happen if you are committed to doing it right. Simply said, no TV show will ever do it “the right way”. 

-People are sacrificing real life and health for 15 minutes of fame. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me, not how to get healthy, but instead how to get on the show. We just have to stop making people think that the solution to their health will only be found by getting on a television program. 

Let’s just stop…it’s time to get rid of the TV shows taking advantage of people and building false hope all for the sake of dollars. Your health, your life is too important. There is hope, there is a right way and there is a better life ahead. 

…and that life is not made for television.

-Mark Cornelison




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