Is your “Self-Talk” Healthy?

We are approaching February quickly. I can’t believe we are close to one month into the New Year. So…How are you are doing on getting healthy and exercising? Did you know that most people who want to change their eating and exercise for the New Year have already given up?

I am here today to encourage you! It is one good choice at a time. You don’t have to start Monday or even next year…you can start on your next food choice. You can make it healthy!

I was talking to a client yesterday about “self talk”. It was interesting to think about how we all talk to ourselves each day but no one else knows what we are saying. We mentally talk to ourselves all day long. What am I going to wear? What will I say to this person? What route will I take to work today? But when it comes to food and exercise…are you talking to yourself about it? Maybe you are saying things like…it will not hurt to have that one donut or I really don’t have time to exercise today.

We also can get to the point where we don’t even think about what we are eating or have a thought about getting up and exercising. My client said she went years without thinking about what she was putting in her body each day. And I totally related to her because I went for years doing the same thing. During these times is when we will gain the most weight.

“Self Talk” is so very important when it comes to eating healthy and exercise. It keeps us focused and helps us make good choices throughout each day. Talking to yourself about the daily routines of life help you stay aware of what you are doing. Talking to yourself about healthy food choices and why it is important to make that choice can be a huge lifestyle change. It will become a habit just like when you “self talk” about what you are going to wear or what to say next in a conversation.

“Self Talk” looks like this: (You are now entering Cathy’s brain…)

-Wake up, first self talk, “When can I get my exercise in today?”

-At breakfast: “What can I have that is healthy for breakfast this morning? I want to start off the day with “breaking” the “fast”.”

-“How busy is my day today? Can I take lunch with me and what can I take that is healthy? What healthy snacks can I pack today that will help me when I am hungry so I don’t grab “fast food”?”

-“I can’t forget to drink all my water today. Do I need to take a water bottle with me for the day?”

-While driving to a restaurant or before I go, “What is healthy on the menu that I really enjoy eating? I am only going to eat half because they serve big portions.”

-“Before I have my second cup of coffee I am going to drink 20 ounces of water. This will help me get all my water in for the day.”

-Negative self-talk: “I don’t have time to exercise. But maybe I can find 10 minutes to walk several times today? “

-“I love this cake and never get it. But will that cake taste as good as skinny feels?”

-“I love this recipe. How can I make it healthier?”

Can you identify with my self-talk? I know you might think I am a little crazy or maybe obsessed but I tell you it has helped me so much.

Take time to think about what you self talk yourself into or out of…is it negative or positive? ┬áDo you even talk to yourself about being healthy or what you are putting in your body? I believe it will change your life if you talk to yourself about your healthy lifestyle!

-Cathy Cornelison



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